Klem Jankiewicz

design direction. quantum computing. creative technology.

Hi, I'm Klem
I research and design solutions for user interaction with quantum technology.
As an experienced designer and team leader, I help organizations build engaging, user-centered products, services, and experiences.
I work on making quantum computing more accessible through user-centered design solutions. 
In 2019 I spent a few months as a visiting designer at the Centre for Quantum Technologies (National University of Singapore), designing an educational game about quantum physics.
This later led to co-founding the Quantum Flytrap project. We built no-code interface solutions for quantum computing, including the Virtual Lab, which is used to teach Quantum Information at the University of Oxford, Stanford University, by QPlayLearn, and others.
In 2022 I led the Quantum Flytrap team in the design and development of Pulser Studio, a no-code platform for programming neutral atoms Quantum Processing Units (QPUs) for Pasqal. I later worked with Xanadu Quantum Technologies on an online library of quantum datasets for quantum machine learning.
I currently work with quantum computing software startup Classic Technologies, leading the product design of their quantum algorithms development platform.
A few years ago, we joined forces with Klara Jankiewicz and founded a creative studio - Jankiewicz Studio, currently run by Klara. 
Among our projects is an artwork that permanently covers the whole facade of one of Poland's major museums, the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews. We worked with the Auschwitz Birkenau Foundation to create materials that helped them raise €20M. The exhibitions we designed for the Ethno Museum attracted thousands of visitors.
Previously, I worked as a branding consultant and designer with UC Irvine, Hebrew University, the Polish Presidency of the EU Council, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, and JW3 London. 
My projects were showcased at international design exhibitions and festivals such as ICFF New York, New York Maker Fair, 100% Design Tokyo, 100% Design London, and Seoul Design Week.
I’m a lecturer at the Creative Coding Department at SWPS University where students build creative projects using technology. 
I research novel ways of human-computer interaction (HCI) and I have participated in or led various creative tech projects. 
An AI online experience I built together with a collective of creators, was exhibited during Ars Electronica.
I participated in an invitation-only project by MIT Media Lab, researching the crossroads of music, play, and technology.
Together with Jankiewicz Studio, we designed creative tech products to commemorate science fiction writer Stanislaw Lem
My electronic interactive installation was used in a theater play and research project 'Roja'
I produced and co-designed the Matter of Code exhibition, curated by Wiesław Bartkowski.
Design direction
PRODUCT, UX, UI design
Branding & Visual identity
Interactive experiences
Leading global projects & TEAMS
Building UX & design strategies
Concept development
User tests and research
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